Easy to use and very accurate temperature probe from Electronic Innovations Corp. Features a waterproof stainless-steel probe, a high-level linear output of. Easy to use and inexpensive temperature probe from Electronic Innovations Corp. Features a plastic probe, a high-level linear output of 10 mV per degree K. Shop Temperature Probes, Covers & Strips online at Tri-anim. Specifications · Temperature range: –20 to °C (–4 to °F) · Maximum temperature that the sensor can tolerate without damage: °C · Typical Resolution. High-quality Temperature Probes and Adapter Cables at a low price. Excellent customer service + same-day shipping. Easily find your part & verify.

Liquid tight RTD sensor, in, 1/2 NPT Thread. This Pt RTD temperature sensor is for applications that need a liquid-tight seal such. Digicare's Temperature Rectal/Esophageal Reusable is designed to assist Digicare's monitoring devices with effectively monitoring pulse oximetry. Upgrade to the Extreme Kit! 5 Pack of FireBoard Probes - (4) SFT Food Probes and (1) SANTT Ambient Probe. Grill clip included. This temperature probe is another fine Klein tool. It comes with a nice padded zipper carry case that will protect it. It also comes with a banana plug adapter. More than temperature measurement. If you would really like to work with your smartphone, and also want to measure pressure and flow velocities as well as. The Stainless Steel Temperature Probe is a rugged, general-purpose temperature sensor that can be used in organic liquids, salt solutions, acids, and bases. Use. An RTD sensor measures temperature based on the resistance changes in a metal resistor inside. The most popular RTDs, called PT sensors, use platinum and. If you need to measure the temperature of air, soil, or water from ° to +50°C, use the durable probe. It is easy to install and remove. sensor and precision Platinum RTD temperature sensor in one probe. This probe offers a choice of VDC or mA outputs for T and RH. Model Twidec/2M NPT 1/2"inch (6X50MM) Pipe Thread Temperature Sensor Probe Two Wire Temperature Controller (0~℃) Stainless Steel K Type Thermocouple MT/2. Our temperature probes use RTD (resistive thermal device) Pt sensors instead of K-type thermocouples (TC) as they offer greater accuracy over the brewing.

Easy to use and very accurate temperature probe from Electronic Innovations Corp. Features a waterproof stainless-steel probe, a high-level linear output of. Designed specifically for measuring ambient temperature. Perfect for monitoring refrigerators, freezers, and coolers. Also great for incubators. Fluke 80PT SureGrip™ Piercing Temperature Probe. Operates with T-type thermometers, measurement range: to °C. TEMPKIT I POWER PROBE Temperature Kit. It accurately measures the temperature of the air, soil or water. It is especially suitable to take measurements in croplands, greenhouses, water tanks, etc. Temperature probe for the IQ. 6' overall length. Includes removable alligator clip. Probe tip can be passed through 3/16 hole. Temperature probes monitor air, liquid, surface, or food temperatures. Thermistor probes provide high accuracy over a narrow range of temperatures. Temperature Range: 20°C to °C; /2″ long x 3/16″ dia. Stainless Steel Probe; 10′ Insulated Cable; Use with pods AB, A $ In Stock. Multi-purpose temperature probe measures temperature of air, soil or water. Use with a Sensor Transmitter or EnviroMonitor Node (with RJ Connector Node.

Temperature Probe, Immersion · Related products · Digital Hot Plate Temperature Probe Calibration Kit · Incubator Stacker · High Capacity Blocks for Centrifuge. Used for immersion temperature measurement in liquids, air, gas, or wells in solid material, Omega offers a large variety of probe styles in thermocouple. Shop for Temperature Probe at Save money. Live better. Additional Features · 10' water-proof probed thermometer · LCD display · Suspension eye for easy mounting · Outdoor temperature range: lithium batteries: 40°F. The new meat probe with high temp cable will replace the current meat probe for more durability. This is for all current smoker models with a 2 pin twist.

Temperature Probes, Esophageal/Rectal, Disposable Philips medical systems' economical and disposable esophageal/rectal temperature probe is a sensitive and. Probe Temperature Sensor. This Probe Temperature Sensor comes standard with a 15mm Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor. This sensor is a 10K Thermistor, with an. GE HealthCare's disposable infant skin temperature probe is designed and validated to be used with both Giraffe™ incubators, OmniBeds™ or Giraffe or Panda™. Temperature Probe Available to ship in 1–3 business days. Find out the water surface temperature by attaching our temperature probe to your transducer. Buy Temperature Probes and Adaptors from Snap-on Store.

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