Tusonix A Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor pF V, % to + percent change in capacitance at 85 degrees C (from capacitance at 25 degrees c). Vintage NOS Johnson air variable capacitor to pf QRP Radio. Variable Cap, pF Ceramic Capacitor Trimmer. VARIABLE CERAMIC TRIMMER CAPACITOR, PF TO 3PF, VDCW. Item# TC/ Variable Adjustable Trimmer Capacitor. $ Qty. Add to Cart. In stock. Add. Variable capacitor / trimmer, 3 - 12 pF, V · Min. capacitance: 3 pF · Max. capacitance: 12 pF · Rated voltage: V · Dielectric: ceramic · Temperature.

PF V TRIMMER VARIABLE CAPACITOR We are a business that provides new and used, hard to find electronic and industrial components fast and at good. A trimmer capacitor is a type of variable capacitor (a capacitor that can have its capacitance manually adjusted by changing the positioning of the two. Trimmer and variable capacitors are a group of devices that provide a capacitance that is user-adjustable within some specified, relatively narrow range. Trimmer Variable Capacitor 30pF - TRM-CAP-5PF - Capacitors - Spetification: Capacitance Range: 1pF - 30pF Temperature Characteristics(TC): N±ppm. Quest Components a huge selection on trimmer & variable capacitors types including Sapphire, Zirconia, Quartz, Ceramic, Air, Alumina, MICA. @1MHz pF~3pF SMD,xxmm Trimmers, Variable Capacitors ROHS. In Stock 1+: US$ Knowles AT55SD. AT55SD RoHS. Knowles. Trimmer capacitors are miniature variable capacitors. Trimmer capacitors are mounted directly on the printed circuit board with a provision to vary their. Trimmer capacitors are used to initially set oscillator frequency values, latencies, rise and fall times and other variables in a circuit. Also known as. trimmer capacitors. These small variable components are typically used for one-time oscillator circuit internal adjustment. Our type forty, forty-two, and. Trimmers, Variable Capacitors are available at LCSC Electronics. LCSC offers inventory, prices, datasheets for Trimmers, Variable Capacitors. Tusonix A Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor pF V, % to + percent change in capacitance at 85 degrees C (from capacitance at 25 degrees c).

Enlarge, Capacitors, Variable, Film, Ø 5 mm Film Dielectric Trimmers, Radial, , , pF, 27 pF. BFC2 .. Datasheet. Mouser is an authorized distributor for many trimmer & variable capacitor manufacturers including AVX, Murata, Sprague Goodman, Tusonix, Vishay, and many more. RF Parts is stocking distributor for ARCO Electronic style trimmer capacitors. We stock the 40, 42, and 46 series models. We have the 30M and. A trimmer capacitor is a variable capacitor used for fine-tuning circuits and compensating for component variations. The capacitance is adjusted by. Knowles Trimmers portfolio includes air, glass, sapphire, and PTFE dielectrics that can be used from 1 MHz to over 2 GHz and at voltages up to 20, VDC. Ceramic Compression Variable. Trimmer capacitors are variable capacitors which serve the purpose of initial calibration of equipment during manufacturing or servicing. They are not intended. Compression trimmer capacitor. 5 - 22 pF @ v. Ceramic insulator around screws Arco variable capacitor. - pF, v. NOS. $21 each. Compression. Trimmer Capacitor, 1 ~ 15pF Trimmer Capacitor V Top Surface Mount. More Info Trimmer/Variable Capacitor. Specs; More. Specifications. Part Number:TP17G.

Capacitance Range ; TZBX4PBAT00, TRIMMER VARIABLE CAPACITOR PF to 30PF SK-TZBX4PBAT00 · 80 to ; POTK, TRIMMER POTENTIOMETER 20K OHM. PPI Variable Trimmer Capacitors. PTFE, Sapphire, Air Tubular, and Air Plate trimmers. High performance, Q Factor, and adjustment accuracy. Buy 20PCS/LOT 50P Adjustable Capacitance Trimmer Variable Capacitor Plastic 6mm JMLP at Aliexpress for. Find more, and products. Variable capacitors, tuning gangs, trimmers, call em what you will we have em here! RF Trimmer Capacitor Air Variable 35x19x16mm pf. € Tax Excluded. *Ships in business days - Net price without VAT and.

Trimmer Capacitor

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